Freedom Flyers

March 10, 2020

Opportunity:  Freedom Flyers is a program that allows you to represent your country and beautify your community, all while raising funds for your organization.  

Description: Your organization will offer the community an opportunity to participate in a program where you are responsible for planting a flag on their property on days where it's generally acceptable to fly the flag, such as Independence Day and Veterans Day.

Revenue Strategy: Your organization can decide on how many days you will offer this service, by creating tiers based on how many times you raise the flag. 

There are a number of ways you can display the flags, from roof-mounting, door mounting, or ground-level flag stands.

Upsells: You can offer multiple flag sizes, quality levels, even lighting. These all require additional management so the reward has to be aligned, but if you're in an upper class area where image is a factor and money is not, then these may become a necessity.

Another upsell is an upgrade to the Fans of Freedom program. 

Concerns: Storage of the flags is a critical part of the program. Storage facilities such as unused trailers or sheds, barns and garages, even the idea of each parent or volunteer in the organization storing a certain number of flags in their homes or apartments would work. But keep in mind storage must be kept dry and out of the sun to prevent fading and mold.

Upgrade Benefits: Upgrade your membership to "Great Implementations" and gain access to tools for Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Promotional Strategies including an inventory sheet to keep track of your flags,  flag and holder vendor list, promotional flyer templates, sales flyers, posters, email templates, online sales funnel templates, and more!