First Aid Merit Badge

March 3, 2019

Troop 60 is fortunate to have medical professionals as active parents in our troop.

From Family Health Centers we have P.A. Roy Huffstetler and from Confluence Health, Dr. Rob Weston. Their passion for medicine and safety in all we do through Scouting, making Troop 60 one of the most First Aid ready groups of people around.

Ever since First Aid qualifying the troop, several Scouts including Dr. Weston himself and our Scoutmaster, have found themselves called to aid in emergency situations throughout the community.

When these Scouts go hiking and camping, they are prepared to handle whatever injuries or sicknesses may accompany their experiences. This gives the entire troop the necessary confidence to take on whatever challenges may face them.

It took 8 weeks for our Scouts to successfully complete their First Aid merit badge which culminated with a CPR training and site visit to Lifeline Ambulance’s new facility.

The Scouts were also given an opportunity to go inside two of their ambulances, have their questions answered and receive hands-on experience of what being an EMT is all about. Thanks Lifeline!

First aid merit badge books cost the troop roughly $9 a piece. If you’d like to donate to help offset this cost, please click here.