Event Concessions

March 18, 2020

Opportunity: Concession sales are a fast and robust way to generate revenue on a regular basis, if you have the manpower in your organization to accommodate the venue. 

Description: Concession sales allow you to solicit major events such as rodeos, fairs, and anywhere else people gather to view an event. You may find this to be a much needed service within your community, and we have a full comprehensive system for not only pulling it off but to effectively reward your volunteers individually for their contributions.

‚ÄčConcession sales are great because they allow your volunteers to take home tips from their customers, which motivates a lot of them to support the fundraiser. Having a team that can perform this function seamlessly can bring in a lot of revenue simply by posting up at local sports venues such as soccer games, baseball games, etc. 

Revenue Strategy: The best way to go about this is to sell waters and whatever drinks your local soft drink vendor can supply in 16 ounce bottles. Water sells best when it's hot and soda's best when it's cool. Don't get too big a bottle or you will sell less and see more thrown away than you want to.  If profit is a concern, then we suggest selling fountain drinks but they are far more messy, volatile, and tend to use a lot more ice.  

Popcorn is the other money-maker in this scenario.  Machines are only about $250 and they last forever. 

Price everything at $3 each. Popcorn, water, and soda's... all $3 each.

Upsells: Candy and Ice Cream can be sold at the window but not suggested in the stands because they need to be kept frozen.

Concerns: To engage a fundraiser at this level of commitment is daunting and challenging at the same time. The system takes time to get people using correctly, and it's hard work, but usually in small spurts seeing as most events are only 2-4 hours long.