Cedar Creek Hike

Over the past couple weeks, we had to cancel two hikes in a row, which hurts a Scouting troop at the core.  At last week's Tuesday night Scout meeting, we were wrapping up when one of our parents who works in the Sheriff's Department and is involved with Search and Rescue mentioned she was going hiking in the Cascades on Saturday. 

Knowing she would know the best places to hike, on the spur of a moment we decided to join her on that hike. Scouts showed up on Friday night, we went through gear, cooked on an open fire, got some sleep and then headed out Saturday morning. 

Our first intention was to hike to Cutthroat Lake but as we arrived, there was more snow on the ground than we were prepared to contend with. So after a 2 mile hike to come to this conclusion, we got back in our trucks and headed further down the mountain to a new trailhead, Cedar Creek, which turned out to be a huge blessing.  

It's Spring time, the snow is actively melting and the falls were raging like none of us had ever seen!