BSA Troop 60 Community Service Request

Boy Scouts believe in Cornerstone Leadership (Bottom - Up)
over Capstone Leadership (Top-Down)
which translates into Servant Leadership.

Opportunities to serve in the community offer our Scouts the ability to 

strengthen their service attitude and to discover the rewards that extend from serving.

To request the support of Troop 60 on a Community Service project, please fill out this form and we will contact you within 1 week of receipt to confirm details.

All requests require at least 4 weeks to process.

Each request will be brought up to the troop at one of our meetings and voted on in alignment with our existing calendar. Factors that affect participation include Troop availability, parental availability, interest in the project, the capacity to perform, rewards or donations involved, etc.

Thank you for considering the talents and service of Boy Scout Troop 60. We look forward to joining efforts with your organization.

Please fill in the form below to inform us of your project. All requests are processed on a first come; first serve basis.

Once we accept your request, we will contact you for further arrangement details and we will add you to our public calendar at