Breakfast Burrito Sales

March 10, 2020

Opportunity: Making breakfast burritos to sell is a strategy that can be repeated on a regular basis if you get your process nailed down to a science. 

Description: Make breakfast burritos that you wrap in was paper and tin foil. Using only 5 ingredients; tortillas, eggs, cheese, ham,  and hash browns or potatoes, you can offer them with or without cheese and sell them at any venue where you can keep them warm. Great for mobility and you're able to leverage the power of making them ahead of time. You can also manage your inventory easily because it's fairly simple to project how many you will sell after your first event. We even offer a tool to calculate your potential usage right out of the gate in our "Great Implementations" membership level.

Revenue Strategy:  With donated ingredients, your profit margin is 100% but even if you have to purchase your own ingredients you can still maintain a high profit margin with our pricing strategies in the "Great Implementations" membership level. 

Upsells:  With the sale of breakfast burritos there is always the need to quench thirst. If you are short manpower or refrigeration, we suggest only selling water but if you want a premium offer you can sell milk, OJ, coffee, even soda but we would suggest only one soda flavor, and a caffeinated one, such as Coke or Pepsi. 

Concerns: As with any food sales, you are required to have at least 2 individuals with food-handler cards and you must prepare the food in a commercially approved kitchen.

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