Legacy Dinner

October 11, 2019

This is an annual event that began in 2019 and was a smashing success! 

Our Scouts acted out fun skits, sang songs, demonstrated their commitment to service and fed our community a great plate of Spaghetti.

We look forward to hosting next year's event with even more exciting fanfare and greater results.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

Troop 60, 2018 in Review

2018 was a great year for Troop 60. We had new Scouts join, parents participate and a whole slew of events that took place.

The biggest thing I can say about Troop 60 is these young men are unified in their fun, work, humor, effort and eating!

Way to go Troop 60, 2019 is going to be even bigger!

Event Concessions

March 18, 2020

Opportunity: Concession sales are a fast and robust way to generate revenue on a regular basis, if you have the manpower in your organization to accommodate the venue. 

Description: Concession sales allow you to solicit major events such as rodeos, fairs, and anywhere else people gather to view an event. You may find this to be a much needed service within your community, and we have a full comprehensive system for not only pulling it off but to effectively reward your volunteers individually for their contributions.

Concession sales are great because they allow your volunteers to take home tips from their customers, which motivates a lot of them to support the fundraiser. Having a team that can perform this function seamlessly can bring in a lot of revenue simply by posting up at local sports venues such as soccer games, baseball games, etc. 

Revenue Strategy: The best way to go about this is to sell waters and whatever drinks your local soft drink vendor can supply in 16 ounce bottles. Water sells best when it's hot and soda's best when it's cool. Don't get too big a bottle or you will sell less and see more thrown away than you want to.  If profit is a concern, then we suggest selling fountain drinks but they are far more messy, volatile, and tend to use a lot more ice.  

Popcorn is the other money-maker in this scenario.  Machines are only about $250 and they last forever. 

Price everything at $3 each. Popcorn, water, and soda's... all $3 each.

Upsells: Candy and Ice Cream can be sold at the window but not suggested in the stands because they need to be kept frozen.

Concerns: To engage a fundraiser at this level of commitment is daunting and challenging at the same time. The system takes time to get people using correctly, and it's hard work, but usually in small spurts seeing as most events are only 2-4 hours long. 

Pancake Feed

March 12, 2020

Opportunity: Who doesn't like Pancakes?! Pancake feeds are popular because they allow attendees to get good and filled up, plus you can offer so many fixings and trimmings to make it highly appealing to a wide variety of folks. 

Description: This is a fairly straightforward fundraiser, although there are things you can do to spice it up.  Making pancakes and bacon or ham, served with water, juice and milk is about as simple as you can get.  It should be an all-you-can-eat feed.

Revenue Strategy:  I would suggest avoid serving eggs because they can be temperamental. They can turn green, get cold fast, and there are so many variations that it opens up a huge can of worms. 

Upsells:  This is where a pancake feed can be spruced up. You can upsell a condiment package for an extra buck or two that includes whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate chip pancakes, or custom shapes. I suggest only offering one upsell that includes all those additions and a standard package. The nice thing is they can upgrade at any time during the meal. 

Concerns:   I would suggest avoid serving eggs because they can be temperamental. They can turn green, get cold fast, and there are so many variations that it opens up a huge can of worms. 

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Legacy Feed

March 12, 2020

Opportunity: A Legacy Feed is a unique concept that works for troops and groups who have been around a while and want to sustain their legacy beyond the current participation.  Understanding how it works begins with a philosophy. 

That philosophy has to do with why it is people tend to get behind it.

Description: We begin by opening a money market account with a local financial management company, such as Edward Jones Financial Company, the broker we use.

Then you let your community know that you have initiated this fund to ensure the legacy of your Scouting troop in the community for years to come. 

Then the troop or nonprofit hosts a "Legacy Feed" fundraiser that promotes the fund and honors it's Legacy Members and Volunteers. Every organization has those who have contributed to it in the past, who are no longer attached, that would relish in being recognized for their previous contributions and support of the organization.

Revenue Strategy:  With silent auctions, ticket sales, a dessert auction, and more... this event can bring in a healthy amount of funds while honoring and celebrating the unity of your organization within the community.

Upsells:  Depending on the skill of your cooks, you can offer different menu levels, the addition of a dessert, To-Go boxes, etc. You can offer a discounted ticket for the following year if they buy it right then. You can also promote Legacy Plaques that get displayed where your troop meets for those who donate larger amounts. And because this is a "Legacy" dinner, you are able to offer long term donation strategies for the organization in general, such as annual and monthly renewals, because you are stating with this approach that you will be there for the long haul.

Concerns:  Selling the idea of starting a legacy fund to your board when funds might already be tight, can be a tough thing to do but by presenting your organization to the community in this way, you are buying so much good will, integrating so tightly in the community and creating real partnerships that it compels them to make the leap of faith. 

Another concern is that you should set aside about $1,000 to open the money market account so you can tell people that its initial funding has been established, as well some brokerages will have minimum investment requirements. But hopefully by employing the strategies on this platform you will raise more money and have enough to initiate the program.

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Breakfast Burrito Sales

March 10, 2020

Opportunity: Making breakfast burritos to sell is a strategy that can be repeated on a regular basis if you get your process nailed down to a science. 

Description: Make breakfast burritos that you wrap in was paper and tin foil. Using only 5 ingredients; tortillas, eggs, cheese, ham,  and hash browns or potatoes, you can offer them with or without cheese and sell them at any venue where you can keep them warm. Great for mobility and you're able to leverage the power of making them ahead of time. You can also manage your inventory easily because it's fairly simple to project how many you will sell after your first event. We even offer a tool to calculate your potential usage right out of the gate in our "Great Implementations" membership level.

Revenue Strategy:  With donated ingredients, your profit margin is 100% but even if you have to purchase your own ingredients you can still maintain a high profit margin with our pricing strategies in the "Great Implementations" membership level. 

Upsells:  With the sale of breakfast burritos there is always the need to quench thirst. If you are short manpower or refrigeration, we suggest only selling water but if you want a premium offer you can sell milk, OJ, coffee, even soda but we would suggest only one soda flavor, and a caffeinated one, such as Coke or Pepsi. 

Concerns: As with any food sales, you are required to have at least 2 individuals with food-handler cards and you must prepare the food in a commercially approved kitchen.

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Freedom Flyers

March 10, 2020

Opportunity:  Freedom Flyers is a program that allows you to represent your country and beautify your community, all while raising funds for your organization.  

Description: Your organization will offer the community an opportunity to participate in a program where you are responsible for planting a flag on their property on days where it's generally acceptable to fly the flag, such as Independence Day and Veterans Day.

Revenue Strategy: Your organization can decide on how many days you will offer this service, by creating tiers based on how many times you raise the flag. 

There are a number of ways you can display the flags, from roof-mounting, door mounting, or ground-level flag stands.

Upsells: You can offer multiple flag sizes, quality levels, even lighting. These all require additional management so the reward has to be aligned, but if you're in an upper class area where image is a factor and money is not, then these may become a necessity.

Another upsell is an upgrade to the Fans of Freedom program. 

Concerns: Storage of the flags is a critical part of the program. Storage facilities such as unused trailers or sheds, barns and garages, even the idea of each parent or volunteer in the organization storing a certain number of flags in their homes or apartments would work. But keep in mind storage must be kept dry and out of the sun to prevent fading and mold.

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Trash Pickup – Community Service

Trash dotting the landscape across from JCPenney’s in Omak was beginning to become more of a tapestry of filth, than merely an eyesore. And that’s when Scout Troop 60 chose to jump into action by organizing a cleanup.

We combed the fields and picked up over 10 bags of trash. During the process we were introduced to the new Manager of JCPenney as he came out and connected with our troop.

Cedar Creek Hike

Over the past couple weeks, we had to cancel two hikes in a row, which hurts a Scouting troop at the core.  At last week's Tuesday night Scout meeting, we were wrapping up when one of our parents who works in the Sheriff's Department and is involved with Search and Rescue mentioned she was going hiking in the Cascades on Saturday. 

Knowing she would know the best places to hike, on the spur of a moment we decided to join her on that hike. Scouts showed up on Friday night, we went through gear, cooked on an open fire, got some sleep and then headed out Saturday morning. 

Our first intention was to hike to Cutthroat Lake but as we arrived, there was more snow on the ground than we were prepared to contend with. So after a 2 mile hike to come to this conclusion, we got back in our trucks and headed further down the mountain to a new trailhead, Cedar Creek, which turned out to be a huge blessing.  

It's Spring time, the snow is actively melting and the falls were raging like none of us had ever seen!